The Shropshire Mud Run is one of our favourite fitness events! Whether you’re seeking a new challenge or simply just want to have fun with your friends and family, we’ve got a few tips to keep in mind ahead of your first mud run!

Choose practicality over fashion:

Remember, it’s called a mud run for a reason… so leave your expensive trainers and fitness wear at home! It’s important to wear fitness clothing and any trail running shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty and potentially ruined. Don’t forget that loose clothing will retain water and mud easily and make you feel heavier as you continue around the course, so opt for clothes with good compression. Bring a bin bag and a change of clothes/footwear so that you can swap into clean clothes when you’ve finished the race.

Train to run further than the race distance:

With river crossings, tunnels, head dunks, water slides, tyre pits, climbs and crawls, this isn’t your typical run. Your body will be doing more than just running to overcome all of the obstacles on the course, meaning you’ll be burning calories quicker and using more energy than usual. If you want to train in preparation for the event, it’s a good idea to combine full-body strength workouts with cardio so that your body gets used to the range of movements.

Skip obstacles if you need to:

You might come across an obstacle that you’re not comfortable with – and that’s not a problem. For example, if you don’t like confined spaces and the thought of going through the tunnel makes you squirm, you are no way obliged to do it. Just skip it! The aim is to have fun, get muddy and finish the race injury-free! Don’t forget – our Mud Run is an untimed event, so there’s no pressure to compete against the clock either. Take it at your own pace, however fast or slow that may be!

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