Any exercise is great for you, but do you know the additional benefits you can reap by going outdoors? Read on to discover why exercising outside is fantastic for both your mind and your body!

Provides a dose of Vitamin D

A common problem amongst adults in the UK, Vitamin D deficiency can affect your body both mentally and physically. If you’re not getting enough Vitamin D, you are susceptible to brittle bones and mental health conditions, such as depression. Exercising outdoors and exposing your skin to sunlight is a fantastic way to boost your Vitamin D intake and ensure your body is getting what it needs. Don’t forget to apply a suncream with a high SPF to protect you from any sun damage!

Releases those feel-good hormones

Outdoor exercise is like a natural anti-depressant. Whilst exercising, your body is releasing those important feel-good hormones that help to regulate your mood, including dopamine and endorphins. Outdoor exercise can help ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) too by ensuring you’re getting enough exposure to sunlight. This is all backed by scientific research too, as a study at the University of Queensland found that people who exercised outdoors regularly had higher serotonin levels than those who workout mainly indoors!

Challenges your body to burn more calories

When you’re busy working out in a gym, it’s easy to forget that you’re in a climate-controlled environment. Have you ever considered how wind resistance and outdoor temperature can affect your calorie burn? When exercising outside, your body is working harder to combat these external conditions. Don’t forget about the impact of outdoor terrain levels either! Whilst a treadmill is a flat-running surface, an outdoor running route will further challenge you to work harder and you will burn more calories in the process!

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