If you’re looking to shake up your routine, try something new, or just want a fun way to keep fit, we have a range of boutique fitness classes that will challenge and change you.

Our classes will leave you feeling exhilarated, accomplished (and sweaty!) but definitely ready to return for more! Check out our classes and timetables below.*

*Please note that you must be a member of the Shrewsbury Club in order to participate in these classes.


The race is on! Get your heartrate pumping, as you find your rhythm to banging tunes in Ride – our high intensity bike workout. Get fit fast with structured sets of tempo rides, interval training and sprint finishes that help you boost your cardio fitness and meet your own personal training goals.



Push your mental and physical abilities with Metcon – a class that combines body weight, kettlebells and short bike exercises for a full body burn. With EMOM (every minute on the minute) and AMRAP (as many reps as possible) challenges, this is a time efficient class that works every part of your body.



Punch, pedal and pace your way to a new level of fitness with this body conditioning class. Combining kettlebells, bodyweight and TRX suspension exercises, work multiple muscle groups at the same for a full body sweat sesh’ that improves your strength, balance and core.



Add a new element to your training and push your body to new heights with this weights-based class. Focusing on safe and controlled weightlifting, you’ll learn basic and advanced lifting techniques that you can take with you into your own self-paced workouts, helping you to develop your overall strength and conditioning.



Your answer to a simple, but effective, workout is here! Our kettlebells class is a structured full body training session that combines power and strength to build up your stamina and strength. Consisting of timed sets and a variety of exercises, this class is suited to all fitness levels. You’ll leave feeling challenged and motivated!


Power Hour

Working out is the new going out! Our Power Hour session is your new fun way to keep fit, combining elements from our Reshape, Battle and Lift classes, set against incredible tunes to keep your motivation and heartrate pumping. A high energy way to celebrate the end of the week, or kickstart your weekend!


Hot Yoga

An invigorating session that’s great for the mind and body. Get deep in focus whilst improving your strength, flexibility, energy and general feeling of well-being. Set in a heated room allows you to feel more zen, helping you to go a little more deeply and safely into postures – week after week you’ll start to see incredible progression. Leave this class feeling sweaty and energized.



Are you ready to fight? Battle is a combination of cardio and conditioning with fitness drills. Release your day-to-day stresses and increase your fitness levels as you feel like your very-own Mike Tyson as you give it all you’ve got on the punchbags. Look out for our live DJ sets on Thursday nights with banging music that will keep you pushing on. Let the battle commence!


Cardio Core

Cardio Core combines interval sets on the bike with timed exercises that focus on your core and abdominals. Get fit in and out of the saddle with sprints, intervals and resistance challenges whilst focusing on technical aspects of core stability. This is a great way to burn the calories and build up your fitness.


Bootcamp & Ultimate360

Get outdoors! Our all-year-round Bootcamp and CUltimate360 sessions combine basic strength exercises with high intensity intervals – whatever the weather! Our Bootcamp sessions will take you through a range of drills, with a mixture of bodyweight exercises and outdoor equipment. Our Ultimate360 sessions take fitness back to basics with exercises including tyre flips, sledgehammers, rope slams and much more. See just how far you can push your body!